Free (for the Landlord) Rental Screening


Are you thinking of buying an investment property? We have loan programs for both experienced landlords and those just starting out. We can help you calculate how much money you can borrow, how expensive the property you can afford, and how much rent and/or appreciation would make this a wise investment.

When deciding whether to take the plunge an important consideration is whether to hire a management company to find tenants, collect the rent, deal with any problems, etc or look after the property yourself. If you are leaning towards managing the property yourself, a handy service is the ApplyConnect Platform, they provide a free online rental application and free (for you) rental screening.

Note, Allwin Capital is in no way affiliated with ApplyConnect, this post is purely for your information. Please use due diligence when choosing any financial service.

Instead of asking potential tenants to give you their Social Security number and other sensitive and a check for the cost of running a rental credit report, you have the option of just sending them an email invitation for them to directly purchase their rental screening, and then the report is sent directly to you.

How-to video for Landlords:


How-to videos for tenants: